Bowen Center Revamps Network Infrastructure to Enable Next Generation Patient Care

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Bowen Center is a leading provider of mental healthcare in northern Indiana, servicing 21 counties with nearly 1,300 staff. Focused on serving the community’s mental health and addiction needs, the Bowen Center is a patient-first organization who believes in a total care model that integrates mind, body, and spirit into treatment. Remarkable efforts to digitally transform separate the Bowen Center from the average model for care delivery. While mental health services are the foundation for the organization, extending individualized care to patients using tools such as telemedicine and internal collaboration among clinicians demonstrate their commitment to putting patients first. 


  • Robust, reliable network infrastructure for connectivity across locations
  • Continuous uptime to empower clinicians and enable telemedicine
  • Complete visibility into the environment
  • Ease of management via automation capabilities
"The role of IT is to provide network stability so our staff can deliver the best patient care. Extreme improved our environment, and now clinicians believe us when we say we care about making them as effective and efficient as possible."
Andrew Grimm
Vice President of Information Technology, Bowen Center

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeMobility™
  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • Extreme Management Center™


  • 20+% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Enhanced care through telemedicine
  • Reestablished trust in IT
  • Simplified management across locations
  • More time for clinicians to practice