Technology and a Strong Partnership: The Key to Creating a World-Class Venue Experience


Creating a world-class venue experience requires advanced technology and a strong partnership. Like in a romantic relationship, two organizations that partner effectively can complement each other's strengths and achieve a success they could not have reached alone. That's why MGM Music Hall at Fenway knew that having a solid relationship with their technology partner was crucial to their mission of upgrading their network.

As a 5000 feet concert venue just behind Fenway Park and part of the Fenway Sports Group, MGM Music Hall at Fenway needed the best in class and they looked for Extreme to accomplish this mission. But this partnership was about more than technology. By working together, they have been able to create an enhanced concertgoer experience while building a solid partnership for the future:


"What is so special about this partnership is that it is based on authenticity and the power of relationships." -Steve Kelley, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Fenway Sports MGMT.

They needed to implement state-of-the-art technology to meet new needs and upcoming challenges. When the network becomes the foundation behind every operation. The decision to ensure top-notch technology is critical. From sound and lighting systems to digital ticketing and touchless payment, everything in the music venue is connected.

Building a Strong Partnership

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” -Henry Ford.

Partnerships, like any other relationship, require compatibility to be successful. Reliability, alignment, and communication are critical components. However, a genuine connection between the two parties is needed to implement a new network infrastructure effectively. Being connected enables both parties to work towards the same goal. When this happens, efficiency, growth, and better outcomes are possible:  

"Extreme has been amazing for us. The technology stack has been very reliable and high-performing, and it's something we can grow into. We plan to expand this deployment for quite some time in the future." -Randy George, VP of Technology Operations for the Boston Red Sox

A partnership for the Future

When a relationship works, both parties begin to envision a future together. Projects, growth, commitment, and achievements are elements of a good relationship. Therefore, MGM Music Hall at Fenway sought a partner aligned with their needs that wanted to grow hand in hand with them:  

When we grow, we look to grow with our partners when he knew we were building this new venue. Our first thought was we need to call Extreme”. -Steve Kelley, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Fenway Sports MGMT.

As the wireless network evolves, so does venue's projects and needs. Extreme's collaboration the venue initiatives was critical to the partnership's success. To Extend the wireless environment's footprint while enabling the delivery and deployment of new services, such as location-based services and facial recognition technologies, to assist spectators in getting into the park faster than they can now. These are only a few of the objectives in place today and Extreme has been collaborating with the operations team to make them a reality.

Partnership in One Word

Authenticity in a partnership builds a solid foundation of trust. Trust, like a network, is the foundation that allows everything to run smoothly. With the increased use of mobile devices and the growing demand for connectivity, having a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network is essential for music venues. With a robust network, creating a world-class experience is easier than ever. However, technology must go together with a partner with whom a relationship can be established over time.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller.

To grow, it is necessary to work as a team. Extreme partners with more than 50,000 customers worldwide advancing with them alongside their needs, creating relationships that last through new ways of operating while obtaining better business outcomes for years to come. 

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