Play Ball! Why Wi-Fi and Analytics Are Key This Baseball Season


Wi-Fi and analytics form a powerful duo in baseball, much like the relationship between a team and its manager. Wi-Fi acts as the players, swiftly transmitting data between devices and systems while ensuring efficient and secure communication across the field. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi analytics takes on the role of the manager, carefully analyzing game statistics and metrics to make recommendations for performance improvements.

Extreme has revolutionized connectivity in baseball – deploying Wi-Fi 6 and ExtremeAnalytics to 20 MLB teams, sparking innovation and transforming how baseball enthusiasts connect. Extreme’s impact extends beyond consortium teams, with notable upgrades witnessed in franchises such as the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs.

2023 Baseball Season: Faster, More Competitive and Tech-Driven

As a new season unfolds, the sports world is filled with excitement around rule changes and advancements in on-field communications. Extreme and Major League Baseball (MLB) are partnering again this season, offering seamless connectivity that amplifies fans’ passion and shared experiences, creating endless possibilities!

MLB is always looking for ways to make the game more dynamic and thrilling. Some of the rule changes and on-field advancements this season include:

  • The elimination of the defensive shift meant to intensify the competition on the field.
  • The introduction of a pace-of-game clock, intended to trim over 20 minutes per game by keeping things moving and better engaging fans.
  • New, larger bases implemented for player safety.

On the technology front, MLB is embracing data-driven analytics to improve the fan experience. Wi-Fi 6 technology ensures seamless connectivity for spectators and grants them access to real-time information throughout the game. The Wi-Fi connectivity also impacts the field, providing coaches with seamless access to in-depth video analysis, enabling them to provide more guidance and support to teams.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Advancements

The transformation of stadiums extends beyond team operations as these venues become centers of technological innovation. This technological revolution revolves around skeletal modeling and captivating field statistics. Coaches and players now have access to a wealth of insights and information that refine strategies and elevate performance, fans can stay engaged with access to data and player information and games are getting more exciting than ever before.

Unleashing the Power of Technology and Skeletal Modeling

Baseball has embarked on a transformative journey propelled by cutting-edge technology and the marvels of skeletal modeling. What began with a radar to track pitch speed has evolved into Statcast, which offers a whole new realm of statistical insights. 

Thanks to an array of high-frame-rate cameras strategically positioned across the stadium, details like launch angles and ball spin rates are captured with unprecedented precision and speed. This wealth of information is harnessed, fed into sophisticated programs and seamlessly delivered back to players and coaches via Wi-Fi 6 in seconds. The game is forever changed as strategies are refined, and gameplay reaches new heights. This seamless marriage of technology and tradition marks an exciting new chapter in baseball, building a future where the sport evolves through the incredible potential of data-driven innovation.

Exploring Additional Areas Within the Ballpark

Stadiums across the league are constantly exploring new areas for improvement, such as:

  • Implementing advanced tracking technology
  • Enhancing security and threat detection capabilities
  • Improving connectivity for ticket redemption, purchasing and other services

These features play a critical role in enhancing the gameday experience and redefining on-field action. 

IT teams across the league are always looking for new ways to collect more data. Many are starting to integrate IoT systems into their ballparks for environmental monitoring. These systems can share data such as the correlation between wind patterns and ball behavior in the air, allowing broadcasters to share these exclusive real-time insights with fans.

“We're really excited to continue seeing this intersection with technology, helping us to improve the game and having more fan engagement.”Truman Boyes- SVP, Technology Infrastructure, Major League Baseball.

Revolutionizing Technology for the All-Star Game: A Remarkable Journey

In preparation for the 2022 season and the All-Star Game, MLB’s IT team made significant technological advancements. They achieved unprecedented speeds and efficiency in game operations and back-office tasks by transitioning to cashless and paperless systems, prioritizing security and quickness. New analytics were introduced to analyze traffic patterns and improve the placement of elements within the ballpark, aiming to enhance flow and meet fans' needs more efficiently. The team upgraded the LED systems, installing state-of-the-art technology for a visually stunning experience for both in-person and televised viewers. They implemented wired and wireless IPTV systems with digital signage for smooth fan experiences and enhanced fan engagement. The network was expanded to accommodate additional devices, including POS machines and new venues across the street from the ballpark, seamlessly providing coverage and meeting fans' needs. 

Baseball is embracing the power of technology, creating a future where data-driven innovation takes the sport to new heights. From the All-Star Game's extraordinary upgrades to the ongoing exploration of new frontiers, the MLB is celebrating the harmonious blend of passion and technological advancement. As we embark on a fascinating adventure into a new chapter of baseball's rich and evolving history, let's all unite in the joyful shout of "Play ball!"

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