Out With the Old - Your Government Agency Needs to Update Legacy Technology


Modernization is a top priority for governments around the world. According to the most recent NASCIO State CIO survey, legacy modernization is now the 2nd biggest priority and area of investment for the upcoming year.

Why Do You Need to Update Your Systems?

Communities are focusing on phasing out old technology and implementing modern technologies, but what is driving them to start these digital transformation projects? When you modernize your technology, you will be able to:

  • Gain better visibility into your network, enabling your IT team to become more proactive with mitigating risks
  • Improve workplace productivity, flexibility, and engagement
  • Monitor network performance to keep operations running smoothly and costs minimal
  • Implement and manage smart technology
  • Use data to drive more informed decision make necessary improvements throughout your community

Learn more about the need for network modernization in this clip.


The main objectives that smart communities are looking to achieve are modernization, cloud migrations, cybersecurity and risk management, increasing citizen engagement, and improving the citizen experience. When we break all of those down, digital transformation journeys for communities truly start with a modern infrastructure.

Learn the importance of modernizing your legacy technology and how updated technology can help your community achieve the outcomes your citizens need.


What Causes Digital Transformation Projects to Fail?

As your community looks to begin its’ new journey, it is important to understand the key elements of a digital transformation. Over 70% of digital transformation projects fail, but the good news is you can learn from the mistakes of those before you to ensure that your community’s transformation doesn’t add to that statistic.

Learn why most digital transformation projects fail so that your community doesn’t make the same mistakes!

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