Inside the State of Nevada's Technology Transformation

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The State of Nevada is undertaking a monumental modernization initiative towards becoming a smart state and revamping its service delivery for citizens. Nevada's blend of major metros and rural communities presents unique challenges for delivering services. Timothy Galluzi, CIO for the State of Nevada, is driving this modernization project emphasizing the state's commitment to serve all residents efficiently, regardless of where in the state they live.

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  • The challenges Nevada's IT organization faced in becoming a smart state
  • How they have deployed technology to modernize and transform both IT operations and the citizen experience
  • The role Extreme played in Nevada's digital transformation

To truly understand citizens and make informed decisions on improving government services, the State of Nevada's IT team is involved in cabinet meetings to have conversations with agency directors. This allows them to aid in strategizing how to improve service delivery and share how technology can help keep things running efficiently.

The primary reason behind becoming a smart state is to enhance the lives of citizens, making it easier for them to access government services. The goal of these services is to increase efficiency but also to help the governments better understand their citizens to become more proactive in their delivery of these services.

The State of Nevada partnered with Extreme Networks on this modernization journey to rebuild their IT infrastructure, creating a reliable network as the foundation to support all the new initiatives they are taking on.

"We're really excited about any opportunity that we can get to create a more resilient, reliable infrastructure. Partners like Extreme Networks can really bring to the table capabilities like mesh networking, software-defined networking and micro-segmentation to help ensure our infrastructure is there when we need it, and we're really excited to have them on board within our technology portfolio."
Timothy Galluzi
CIO, State of Nevada