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The offseason is over and Spring Training is here. Major League players and staff have made their way to Arizona or Florida with the cacti or grapefruit, respectively. The baseball world is starting to buzz with excitement for the season ahead. Players are setting new goals, teams are planning their path to the pennant, and fans can’t wait to fill stadiums and sing ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’ and Extreme Networks will be there with them.

As the 2021 Major League Baseball season commences, it will do so with Extreme Networks as the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of MLB. What does this mean for fans, venue staff, and media? Glad you asked, let’s slide headfirst into what everyone can expect over the 6-year partnership.

When fans are safely welcomed back to their respective ballparks, they can expect a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection at Extreme-powered venues this season. They’ll be connected to a state-of-the-art network that can support bandwidth-hungry applications during the game. Whether they’re navigating the concourse, ordering food from their seats, or posting memorable moments to social media. Extreme Networks and Major League Baseball will provide seamless and effortless connections for the fans of America’s National Pastime.

Media and broadcast analysts can also benefit from a lightning fast network. As they prepare for the reporting marathon starting on Opening Day, they can do so knowing their devices are connected to a reliable network that works just as fast as they do. So, when the biggest plays of the game develop, news and highlights can be pushed out with high velocity. Extreme Networks’ cloud-enabled access points and Wi-Fi 6 solutions will support thousands of games this season and Postseason.

As for the venues, Extreme will deliver advanced stadium analytics to more than half of MLB, which will improve the fan, staff, and media experience. MLB teams can better understand how their network is being utilized with application visibility and data insight. ExtremeAnalytics also allows for optimal uptime by flagging performance issues before they happen. Each stadium contains several verticals that must run smoothly on game day. From retail in the team store to hospitality in the suites, logistics, food services, and field services. When it’s game time, the network supports all functions and ensures a superb end-user experience.

Extreme will also power the network at Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida. The Jackie Robinson Training Complex is a youth baseball and softball development complex.

One thing is for sure, when Opening Day is here, Extreme Networks and Major League Baseball will be ready to ‘play ball’.

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