How In-Game Data Scored Big in the 2023 Postseason™


Another memorable MLB® season is officially in the books. From significant rule changes to a historic Postseason run resulting in the crowning of first-time World Series™ Champions, the 2023 season is one baseball fans will be talking about for a while.

Why the Network is the MVP of the Postseason™

This was also the third full season that teams had access to live in-game video and stats right in the dugout. In previous years, teams had access to devices preloaded with specific video and game footage, but starting in 2021, teams had access to real-time information and footage from the game available to them soon after their plate appearance. This allows them to adjust as soon as their next at-bat to ensure that they are performing at their best and making an impact in the game.

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In the Postseason™, every play matters. Batters typically only get about 4 at-bats which means it is critical that the players focus on their swing to put runs on the scoreboard. With in-dugout devices and a strong network, they can access videos of their previous at-bats to identify necessary adjustments and understand what they need to do better in their next plate appearance.

How Data Impacted the 2023 Postseason™

This Postseason™, there were 444 devices connected to the in-dugout and bullpen networks across all 8 stadiums that hosted games in the ALDS™, NLDS™, ALCS™, NLCS™, and World Series™ matchups. Of those devices, the majority were used by American League™ teams, with a total of 231 devices across the 4 teams and 213 devices across the 4 National League™ teams. To put all of that into perspective, those 444 devices used 219.97 GB of data. That is the equivalent of streaming the movie The Sandlot over 36 times!

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Building A World Series™ Caliber Network

Baseball is a game where errors happen; they occur so often that every scoreboard has a column just to keep track. When players rely on the in-game network, there is no room for error. The game doesn't pause just because the network is down. This means that a robust network and strong wireless connectivity are critical for players in the bullpens and dugouts.

It isn't always about who uses the most data or connects the most devices to the network. It is about who can marry the innovative, analytical aspect of baseball with traditional coach and player instinct. The teams that can stay true to what they know about the game while making strategic decisions with data often are the ones we see making it to the Postseason™.

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