How the Cloud is Making Smart Cities Safer

Smart city development is expected to generate a sizable amount of business in the post-pandemic world. According to research by Frost and Sullivan, the market value of smart city business opportunities will hit 2.46 trillion by 2025. The idea of enhancing a city with cutting-edge technology has been discussed for some time, but interest has increased exponentially over the past year due to the pandemic.

One fact became apparent throughout the pandemic: cloud solutions drive business success and technological innovation. That’s why government institutions and city planners are ramping up cloud-driven infrastructures to enhance their cities’ smart initiatives.

Smart city perks are not just about public Wi-Fi and electric car charging stations. These solutions are undoubtedly helpful, but COVID-19 has given governments and health officials one main priority: public safety.

How the Cloud Can Help Your Smart City

Improved Communications Between City and Citizens

Cloud-managed networking could connect massive populations in an emergency by allowing government programs to send out updates and guidelines instantly without interference. This would allow a uniform spread of information and prevent misinformation from unreliable sources.

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Network Data Can Help Cities Make Informed-Decisions

Utilizing data from your network can help you understand what is working efficiently in your city and what areas might need more attention. You can then take that data to understand patterns and identify solutions to the different challenges around your city to create a safer environment for your citizens.

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Strong Connections Enable Better Emergency Response Times and Collaboration Among Departments

When you connect your government agencies to the cloud, you can ensure they are all connected securely and enable your teams to work together more efficiently. This gives your departments the tools to work together to improve the different safety measures and reduce emergency response times.

Learn how the City of Littleton, Colorado was able to use ExtremeCloud IQ to improve their city's operations.

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Cloud solutions will be critical to creating smarter and safer cities in the post-pandemic world through seamless connection, real-time data analytics, and instant communication.

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