How Do Networking Digital Twins Help Manufacturers Maximize Operational Performance?


Networking digital twins are a powerful tool for manufacturers seeking optimal performance while minimizing risks and costs. Manufacturing companies can identify potential issues and test different scenarios by simulating and testing network configurations in a digital twin environment without compromising or duplicating their physical network's functionality. The "what-if" scenario, a method of exploring variables and testing multiple forms in a controlled environment, is at the heart of this technology. The digital twins are widely used in finance, engineering, and manufacturing to assess potential financial returns on investment, test various product designs, and optimize manufacturing processes. ExtremeCloud IQ Co-Pilot enables organizations of all sizes to experiment with digital "what-ifs" without risking the functionality of their existing network or incurring the expense of duplicating it.

The benefits of digital twins extend far beyond hypothetical scenarios, and manufacturers can use them to improve their networks' reliability and performance in various ways. Here are a couple of examples:



1. Manufacturing Without Interruptions:

Manufacturers can reduce downtime and improve overall network reliability by building their network in the cloud before physically deploying it. Businesses can identify and resolve configuration issues before they impact production by simulating a switch in the cloud before installation.

2. Keeping Production Running Smoothly:

By using networking digital twins, manufacturing companies can detect potential network issues before they become significant. This enables them to take proactive steps to avoid downtime and improve network reliability, reducing the need for manual maintenance and repairs and saving businesses time and money.

3. Performance Optimization:

Networking digital twins can assist manufacturers in optimizing network performance by providing real-time network data monitoring and analysis. Businesses can reduce latency and enhance overall network performance by identifying areas where the network can be strengthened.

4. Risk-Free Production:

Manufacturers can reduce the risk of errors and misconfigurations in their physical network. By simulating network configurations and testing them in a digital twin environment. This reduces the risk and assists manufacturers in achieving peak operational performance.

5. Maximizing Efficiency on the Factory Floor:

By using a networking digital twin, Manufacturing companies can use a networking digital twin to troubleshoot network issues before they affect production. Simulate potential problems and test different solutions in a virtual environment.

As manufacturers look to modernize their networks, they aim to improve performance, reliability, and security. By simulating their network in a virtual environment before deployment.  Manufacturing companies can ensure that their physical network is reliable and performs optimally. This enables to meet production targets and deliver high-quality products to their customers. Extreme works closely with manufacturers to advance their business and technology needs, empowering them to find opportunities in the middle of difficulty while generating better business outcomes.

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