June 10, 2014

Join us for #HubChat Every Wednesday!

The purpose of starting this twitter chat was to create a collaborative discussion where people could come talk about a wide array of topics that are impacting their lives. After many successful chats this winter and reviving the chat this June, we are happy to announce that HubChat is back! Please join us for a great discussion this week and the week’s to come!

HubChat happens every Wednesday at 3 pm ET and you can join the chat just by using the hashtag, #HubChat.  We hope to see you there!

Schedule of Events:

Wednesday 9/3/2014, 3 pm ET: The Era of “BYO?”

Past Events

To view an archive of our past events, please visit our Storify.

Wednesday 8/27/2014, 3 pm ET: Megatrends

Summary: Megatrends are major shifts happening in our world, this week we focused on technology. We identified 5 major megatrends impacting all businesses today: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Big Data and Applications. In order to adapt and succeed by utilizing these technologies, we tried to understand the effect of these megatrends and the prediction many have of their future path.

Wednesday 8/19/2014, 3 pm ET: Mobile Trends: iOS vs. Android

Summary: All the recent hype around the new iPhone, iOS 8, has brought us back to the battle between iOS vs. Android. As each get better with passing years, how do you determine which platform is better? Join us to get the latest scoop!

Wednesday 8/6/2014, 3 pm ET: Business Intelligence: Driving Your Business with Big Data

Summary: Guest Bob E. Hayes joined us to discuss the current trends impacting big data and best practices when using big data to drive business decisions and results.

Guest: Bob E. Hayes, COO at TCE Lab

Wednesday 7/30/2014, 3 pm ET: How to Create the Ultimate Fan Experience

Summary: Our topic this week focuses on the experience of sports fan’s all around the world. How can sporting venues create a great experience for fans in today’s mobile enabled culture? We have to understand the expectations of the 21st century fan.

Wednesday 7/16/2014, 3 pm ET: Good Service & Support = Customer Loyalty

Summary: We talked with many Extreme Networks executives about the impact companies service and support systems have on customers and how it can affect customer loyalty.

Wednesday 7/9/2014, 3 pm ET: Leadership and the Impact of Social Networking

Summary: We discussed how to become a leader and impact others with influential speaker Dave Kerpen. Also how social networking ties into the leadership role and how to use it to leverage your position.

GuestDave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local

Wednesday 6/25/2014, 3 pm ET: Digital Footprints: Social Media Meets Resumes

Summary: We will discuss why your digital footprint is important, how it effects you and the best ways to start creating your digital footprint, if you are not yet on the map!

Guest: Bilal Jaffery, Senior Director of Social & Digital at Extreme Networks

Wednesday 6/18/2014, 3 pm ET: The Ins & Outs of Social Media

Summary: This Hubchat covered trending topics of social media, including: how to get people across a company to see the value in social media, how to market your business through your personal account and steps to take in order to prevent company accounts from being hacked.

Wednesday 6/11/2014, 3 pm ET: Educational Technology

Summary: This Hubchat brought followers expertise and discussion on the topic of educational technology. We chatted with Bob Nilsson to discuss the integration of technology into teaching and learning and what the future may hold.

Guest: Bob Nilsson, Director of Vertical Solutions at Extreme Networks

Wednesday 6/4/2014, 3 pm ET: Wi-Fi: Revolution or evolution?

Summary: We talked with Mike Leibotitz about Wi-Fi and his views on mobility. We discussed what the market looks like, what technology is available and where its future lies.

Guest: Mike Leibovitz, Director of Mobility and Applications at Extreme Networks

About The Contributor:
Kaitlyn McCulloughDigital Marketing Specialist

Kaitlyn is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Extreme Networks. In this role, Kaitlyn manages all social media properties. She focuses on developing social strategies and campaigns for the Extreme brand. She has a BA in Integrated Marketing which combined experience of graphic design, communication and business marketing. In the fall of 2015 she will be receiving her Master's degree in Digital Media Management from Northeastern University.

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