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Introducing Extreme Elements, The Building Blocks of the Autonomous Network

I’m incredibly excited to announce that last night during Extreme Connect 2019 at Nissan Stadium (one of Extreme’s amazing future-forward thinking customers) we launched Extreme Elements: The Building Blocks of the Autonomous Network.

“With autonomous networking, IT will benefit from reduced complexity, better agility and security, operational efficiencies, and lower costs. The autonomous network increases productivity and overall user experience by enabling IT to work better.” – Lopez Research

Extreme Elements™ is a combination of hardware, software, and services that can be mixed and matched to create customized solutions for enterprises in every industry. Specifically, Extreme Elements are components of:

Together, these solutions are infused with human and machine intelligence, giving customers the building blocks to create autonomous networks capable of learning, self-driving, and self-correcting. The ultimate result: an autonomous enterprise, where architecture, automation, and human intelligence operate in harmony. This technology provides the tools to deliver extraordinary human experiences.


Intrinsic security and multi-vendor support in an open, standards-based ecosystem set Extreme Elements apart in comparison with other networking architectures.

Join Vice President of Solution Strategy Dan Dulac and myself in this on-demand webinar to learn how Extreme Elements can enable you to build next-generation networks.

The Challenges Across Industries in Navigating the Digital Era

Network changes can take up to four months to implement enterprise-wide, which is far too slow for digital organizations.

  • 58% of network professionals spend more than 25% of their time-solving Wi-Fi issues. This includes a whopping 13% that dedicate more than half their time to it.
  • By 2025, there will be 80 billion connected devices, potentially enabling companies to gather massive amounts of data that can be used to discover key insights.

“The most successful organizations in the future will be the ones that can discover the most unique insights from their data—and this is certainly true of the network.” – ZK Research

The digital era has elevated the network from an operational necessity to the central nervous system of the business. It’s where technology and people connect, the meeting place for organizations and their customers, a hub for user engagement, the connection point for IoT devices, mobile transactions station, and the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks.

Given the pace of technology innovation and growing digital business initiatives, most enterprise networks can’t keep up. Here’s what organizations are facing as a result:

  • The sheer number of users, devices, and applications make managing enterprise environments unwieldy and unpredictable.
  • Few systems can tie everything connected to the network into a meaningful set of insights to transform the business.
  • Businesses struggle to adjust quickly to new ways of operating or adapting to changing customer demand, yet, adapting quickly to changing market environments is critical.
  • Security is at the top of nearly every organization’s priority list, especially with the exponential increase in connected IoT devices.

It’s high time that all enterprises have access to a solution for navigating the digital era and delivering better outcomes and experiences to customers. The way forward is the autonomous enterprise, powered by the autonomous network. This foundational layer connects humans, machines, and devices to technology—the ultimate gateway to digital transformation. Extreme Elements are the building blocks to create customized solutions that maximize business outcomes in every industry.

Combine the Right Elements and the Possibilities are Limitless

For too long, networking vendors have allowed infrastructure to become a roadblock to customers’ most innovative ambitions. We’re introducing a powerful, self-driving network, fueled by Extreme Elements, that allows enterprises to finally pursue the bold transformation projects they always wanted to.

Nabil Bukhari Executive Vice President, Products, Extreme Networks

Now that the news is out, we want customers to have everything they need to explore Extreme Elements and learn more about using the network to drive competitive advantage, accelerate innovation, and improve customer experience.

Check out our interactive web tool: the periodic table of Extreme Elements and see vertical use cases for applying the elements to transform your business.

Download our solution brief for an overview of Extreme Elements and learn more about autonomous networking from industry analysts Zeus Kerravala and Maribel Lopez:

This blog was originally authored by VP of Product Marketing, Abby Strong.

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