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Extreme Networks Host Sponsor of NANOG 77 – Working Together, for the Internet of Tomorrow

Joerg Bonarius Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 18 Feb 2021

Since 1987, NANOG has been committed to the ongoing advancement of an open, secure, and robust Internet. It provides a platform that inspires, educates, and empowers the Internet community to meet the ever-changing demands of a global network and is in service of building the internet of tomorrow.

When looking at the participation and sponsorship list of companies, like GCP, Azure, AWS, Facebook, NYIIX, Equinix, Megaport, Rackspace, to name just a few, it’s reassuring that multi-cloud architectures and cloud deployments are here to stay.

We at Extreme Networks are more excited than ever before about our position in the enterprise and service provider market with our newly announced ExtremeCloud IQ platform. The networking industry is at the beginning of a long-term transition to cloud management in what we call cloud-driven. Extreme’s cloud platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, complies with local data protection regulations such as GDPR, and is hosted within Amazon AWS data centers. ExtremeCloud IQ is built on a clustered microservices architecture third-generation cloud technology and has the tools that allow us to provide insights and intelligence that are actionable with native ML and AI.   

We attended NANOG 76 in Washington DC, and covered the topics here. Extreme Networks continues to support NANOG and the network operator community of 1000+ networking experts from across the globe, driving Service Provider and Data Center innovations, technologies and deployments.

Extreme Networks hosted NANOG 77 in Austin, Texas with our long-time customer NYIIX.

Extreme Networks – Host of NANOG 77 and stats from NANOG

Rajiv Goel, Principal Director, Product Management at Extreme Networks, Benson Schliesser (new NANOG Board member), Sean Kennedy (NANOG Board Member) opened the conference and comments: ‘I’m always impressed to meet such high caliber experts at NANOG, it’s the most innovative forum where networking experts come together from around the world. Extreme Networks is very supportive, and the conversations help to create influence on our future technology direction. Cloud-driven networking is here to stay, and we help our customers on their digital transformation journey.’ His talk can be found here.


Extreme Networks presenting “Cloud-Driven Networking” at the conference opening session



Extreme Networks jointly presenting with NYIIX at the conference opening session

Telehouse (NYIIX) has about 1200 customers, a very prominent presence in New York, but also provides Internet Exchange services in Los Angeles with peak rates of 650 Gbit/s. Akio Sugeno, Vice President of Engineering and  Business Development, talks in this video about our relationship and the deployment of the Extreme Networks SLX platform and the many connectivity options NYIIX provides for its customers.

Akio Sugeno, NYIIX and Rajiv Goel, Extreme Networks

As usual, the NANOG 77 agenda started off on Sunday with a hackathon and a social reception in the evening.

Akio Sugeno and the NYIIX team sponsored the Monday morning breakfast with lots of good conversations and interest in their connectivity options. “We found a great partner with Extreme Networks and continue to offer the highest peering connectivity for our customers with the ExtremeRouting SLX platform. For us, port density, 100G ports, low latency for our most demanding customers like Netflix, Amazon, Google are the norm today”.


Rajiv Goel and the team from NYIIX / Telehouse

Extreme Networks continues to work with enterprise data centers and internet exchanges, cloud exchanges and cloud service providers worldwide to help on their mission to move up the value chain and meet their end customer requirements with solutions that fit the high demands of security, enable simpler automation, visibility of network traffic and leverage a wide range of technology partner ecosystems, such as Openstack, VMware and Microsoft.

Next to DNS wars on the agenda of NANOG 77, and the new role of the next network professional, LinkedIn re-emphasized the spine and leaf architecture for data center networks.

It’s fantastic to see that Open Networking received great feedback and we at Extreme Networks continue to build software-driven networking solutions and integrate with open solutions like Openstack.

1164 was a new record number of attendees in Austin for NANOG and Extreme Networks is happy to work with NANOG to serve the Internet community.

It was a pleasure to host NANOG 77.

We look forward to continuing to support the best in networking.

Here you can find the agenda and recordings of the conference.

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