Extreme Elements

All the Right Elements for Limitless Possibilities

Built to Suit Your Business Needs

Extreme Elements are the building blocks that allow you to tailor your network to your specific business environment, goals, and objectives. They enable the creation of an Autonomous Network that delivers the positive experiences and business outcomes most important to your organization.

Combining architecture, automation, and artificial intelligence, Extreme Elements enable you to ensure that your users get what they need, when, and where they need it. And providing these superior user experiences is as simple as mixing and matching the right elements.

Elements in Action

Extreme Elements can be combined to drive your business forward in the areas that matter most


⋅ Network for Enhanced Care
⋅ Patient Safety
⋅ Improved Patient Experience/Satisfaction
⋅ Clinical Efficiency


⋅ Enhanced Customer Experience
⋅ Brand Protection
⋅ Operational Excellence
⋅ Growth


⋅ Personalized Learning
⋅ Online Student Testing
⋅ STEM and Robotics Labs
⋅ Digital Citizenship and Student Safety
⋅ High-Performance Computing
⋅ eSports

The Human Element

Everything at Extreme starts with the Human Element. People are the foundation of our relentless commitment to helping customers and partners build networks that accelerate their digital transformation and deliver new human experiences.

This is Customer-Driven Networking.

Extreme Elements are the building blocks for tailoring your network to your business goals

Internet of Things

Discover, secure and monitor connected devices with ease

Insights & Analytics

Get the real-time data and information you need to make smart, informed decisions


Save time and reduce headaches with automated options


Protect systems and users from the constant threat of breaches

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build an Autonomous Enterprise

Network Fabric

The foundation for the digital business