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Extreme Academy for Education has one purpose in mind – to help educate and inspire the next generation of technologists and prepare them for the workplace. Through the Extreme Academy for Education program,  we are providing the opportunity for anyone to gain multiple qualifications, awarding you with Extreme Networks Associate (XNA) certificate. The program offers more than education, it is a partnership that will help organizations and students build industry connections. Extreme Academy for Education aims to help students advance with their knowledge and accreditation and excel in their careers.

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Extreme Academy Courses

Extreme Academy offers a range of courses designed to help students gain current and future networking skills, understand networks, network design, and integrated security. On completion of each course, students will be awarded an Extreme Networking Associate (XNA) certification.

This course covers the fundamentals of how networks work with the latest technology and a view into the future.

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In this course you will learn about wireless networks and their importance to required business outcomes.

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In this course, you will gain understanding to why large-scale networks are needed worldwide and how the design basics are implemented.

View the Series Network Design

In this course, you will gain perspective on the networking industry and understand what makes a successful career in IT.

View the Series Career in IT