Volkswagen Poznań Revs Up Automation With Fabric

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Volkswagen Poznań is a Polish subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, the multinational automotive manufacturing company and part of the Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) brand. Not only does Volkswagen Poznań play a vital role in the manufacturing operations of the automotive giant, it also tops the rankings of the best employers in Poland annually, providing jobs to more than 10,000 employees.

Volkswagen Poznań is constantly evolving, always seeking new ways to support both its business and employees. Among its chief challenges, the Poznań plants faced a growing need for innovation, more agile responses to customer needs, better process automation, and enhanced data security.


  • Need for innovation to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape
  • Greater flexibility and agility to address customer needs and evolving expectations
  • Efficient automated processes to streamline operations
  • Enhanced data security for end users and devices
"We listened closely to our colleagues from Škoda Auto who had moved to a similar technology from Extreme and were very pleased with it. We went through a couple of visits to their factories to take a closer look at their solution and compare it with our needs. We decided that ‘this was it’!"
Paweł Stakuć
SeniorIT Specialist, Volkswagen Poznań

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric Connect
  • Extreme Wireless
  • Extreme Wired
  • ExtremeCloud IQ-SE
  • Extreme Control


Operational Excellence

  • Simplification, automation and increased security optimizes manufacturing processes
  • Enablement of large-scale data collection produces new insights, analytics and more effective troubleshooting

Automated Administration

  • High-performance wireless enables operation of large number of devices, creating a smart factory environment
  • Simplified management and built-in segmentation allow Volkswagen to rapidly onboard devices without interfering with network performance

Digital Workplace

  • Wi-Fi network supports mobility of staff through secured authentication regardless of physical location
  • Greater access and connectivity to critical technologies drives employee performance and builds strong employer brand