FedEx Trusts Extreme Wireless to Keep Global Operations Connected

FedEx is the world’s leading express transportation provider, delivering more than 10 million packages daily to 220 countries and territories from 1,800 FedEx locations. With a fleet of over 640 aircraft and 57,000 vehicles, the company offers both business-to-business and home delivery services.

With millions of packages shipped daily, thousands of end users and devices, and operations at the global scale, FedEx needed a robust, reliable wireless solution to connect all touchpoints – from distribution center to doorstep.

In partnership with Extreme Networks, FedEx deployed Extreme Wireless™ to all distribution centers. With global coverage in place, critical equipment and applications, like barcode scanners, automated processors and more, were seamlessly onboarded to the network. Now, more than 10 million packages touch our wireless solution daily on their way to their final destinations.


  • Global connectivity for thousands of devices, end users, and locations
  • Zero downtime
  • Scalability without risk of network performance

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless™


Global Wireless Network

  • Global deployment of wireless network connects and supports thousands of locations and end users
  • 24/7 uptime keeps operations running across globe
  • Thousands of end users and devices supported at any time from any where

Scalable Connectivity

  • Scalable bandwidth and connectivity accommodates operations to move millions of packages daily
  • Seamless onboarding for new technologies and applications as needed

Critical Equipment and Application Support

  • Wireless network powers key equipment like barcode scanners, automated processors, and other operating systems
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