ExtremeLive Demo

27–1 Jan 2022 | Online Webinar

2020 changed daily life for millions across the globe and upended entire industries. To meet today’s business needs, the new networking must deliver effortless, flexible, and secure network management. Join us for one of our ExtremeLive demo sessions to: learn about the benefits of cloud-driven network management understand the business benefits of detailed…

Techbyte Tuesdays: Wi-Fi Design Deep Dive for K-12

14 Sep 2021 – 19 Oct 2021 | Online Webinar

In our weekly 25-30 minute “Techbyte Tuesdays: Wi-Fi Design Deep Dive for K-12” we will learn about design best practices geared towards K-12 and will cover practical and useful “real life” Wi-Fi information giving you the knowledge to design better Wi-Fi in your schools and community.

MLB Postseason Insights Webinar

18 Oct 2021 @ 11:00 am EDT | Online Webinar

The regular season has wrapped up and the postseason is here. To make October baseball even more exciting, you are invited to a unique opportunity to get a quick update on Extreme, hear what we have done with Major League Baseball throughout the 2021 season, and get an up-to-date preview of the World…

Support Your Workers: Managing the Network At-Scale – The Emergence of the Infinite Enterprise: Part 1

20 Oct 2021 @ 2:00 pm EDT | Online Webinar

Introducing our 3-Part webinar series, The Emergence of the Infinite Enterprise, which will focus on the essential need for organizations to provide consumer-centric outcomes over an enterprise-grade, infinitely-distributed network, managed at-scale in order to thrive in a post-pandemic world.In the midst of evolving worker expectations and an expansive network...

Healthcare Funding / Grant Strategies Webinar

21 Oct 2021 @ 2:00 pm EDT | Online Webinar

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for Telemedicine and accelerated the need for healthcare providers to implement new innovative communications solutions. As part of the federal response, $178 billion in stimulus funds has been allocated to help providers deal with the virus by implementing communications and connectivity technology to enhance and expand…