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Helping the Government to Leverage IT to meet their Mission

seconds in between attacks from hackers
rate security as top prioity for IoT devices in government
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Why Extreme Networks for Government Agencies?

The digital transformation of government and the rise of smart cities demand network infrastructure that is agile, adaptive, and secure. Extreme Networks delivers software-driven networking solutions that are hyper-reliable and easily-managed to improve responsiveness to the needs of your citizens.

We automate, manage, control, and secure your government networks, so agencies can leverage IT to meet their critical missions. With services and support that are rated #1 in the industry, we count leading government entities, including US Marines, City of Oakland, Indiana Department of Transportation, and Department of Defense, to name just a few, among our customers.

Supercomputing 2019

Visit the Extreme Networks booth #1074 to meet with our experts and discuss how our solutions deliver automation, insights, and assurance for your network. Don’t miss your chance to see our in-booth demonstrations to get in in-depth look at some of our state-of-the art solutions

Federal Certifications

Product NameDate CertifiedVersion LevelCertificate
S Series (S1/4/6/8)February 13, 20158.32ASLAN1312806
S Series SSADecember 26, 20148.32ASLAN1312804
NetSightApril 29, 20156.2EMS1312802
ERS5900August 31, 20167.2ASLAN1602102
ERS4900August 31, 20167.2ASLAN1602101
VSP7000November 23, 20155.1ASLAN1505601
VSP8000September 21, 20155.1ASLAN1429001
VSP4000September 21, 20155.1ASLAN1423201
ERS4800August 12, 20145.8ASLAN1330401
MLX/MLXeNovember 4, 20136.0.0cCER1312104
MLX/MLXeJanuary 16, 20136.0.0cASLAN1223002
VDX6000July 8, 20157.0.0bASLAN1414715
VDX8770July 13, 20157.0.0bASLAN1414716
CER/CESJanuary 16, 20136.0.0cASLAN1223001
Product NameDate CertifiedVersion LevelCertificate
VDX6740October 17, 20166.0.222770
VDX6940October 17, 20166.0.222770
VDX8770October 17, 20166.0.222770
MLXeMarch 21, 20175.9.00aa22864
CER200March 21, 20175.9.00aa22864
CES2000March 21, 20175.9.00aa22864
CER2000May 10, 20176.0.00aa22904
CES2000May 10, 20176.0.00aa22904
Product NameDate CertifiedVersion LevelCertificate
Extreme X440-G2December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
Extreme X870December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
Extreme X690December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
Extreme X670-G2December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
Extreme X620December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
Extreme X450-G2December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
Extreme X460-G2December 20, 201722.3NDPP v2.010827
VSP4000March 10, 20175.1.2.0NDPP V110755
VSP7000March 10, 20175.1.2.0NDPP V110755
VSP8000March 10, 20175.1.2.0NDPP V110755
MLXeJanuary 27, 20166.0.0NDPPV1.110657
Product NameDate CertifiedVersion LevelCertificate
MLXeFebruary 5, 20166.0.0Router02-C-001445

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