Federal Justice Modernizes Safety and Security with Fabric

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The Federal Public Service Justice (FPS Justice) of Belgium is responsible for the country’s legal order. The system employs over 23,000 staff members across 240 buildings, and provides both administrative and operational support for court, legislative, and prison systems throughout the country. Established in 2001, the justice system maintains its long-standing objective of providing Belgium both modernized and improved services.


  • Digitalize entire justice system securely and at speed to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Scalable, adaptable network infrastructure to prepare for introduction of new technologies and critical wireless applications
  • Simplified management of vast network and thousands of user devices to take pressure off IT staff and refocus on high-value tasks
  • Increased network capacity and speeds to deliver enhanced user experience across 240 buildings
"Thanks to Extreme Networks and Orange Cyberdefense Belgium arming us with a new network and 24/7 technical support, we have been able to meet objectives and improve information-sharing and offer new digital services. Our new network is truly a game changer for the way our justice system operates."
Jimmy De Laet
ICT Infrastructure Director, FPS Justice

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric™
  • Extreme Switching™


  • 20x faster Wi-Fi connectivity and increased bandwidth and performance delivered to 240 locations including courthouses and administrative buildings
  • Support of new technology integrations like high-performing video conferencing
  • Secure data sharing and critical application access for over 23,000 employees and thousands of users
  • Consolidated network management and enhanced operational efficiency makes configuration and deployment of new devices and services faster and easier for IT team