Securing and Automating Smart Cities

Published 7 Nov 2018

The interconnection of IoT devices, applications and people for the Smart City implementation is highly dependent on the right network infrastructure. And that dependence increases as more and more critical services, data, devices/and sensors are brought onto the network — demanding new levels of efficiency, performance, availability and security.

Extreme Networks’ Secure Automated Smart City Architecture offers a number of key attributes to help local governments implement their Smart City initiatives. This paper will examine each of these:  

  • Simple and Automated Network; Increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Inherent Network Security through secure zones and stealth networking
  • Scalable and High-Performance Video Surveillance that can be deployed with ease
  • High Performance Wireless that is simple to deploy and manage
  • Visibility, Control and Security for IoT devices
  • Centralized Management, Control and Analytics — with a true 360-degree view of the network

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