Tussa Achieves Unprecedented Uptime with Fabric


Tussa was founded in 1949 and produces and supplies electricity to the region of Sunnmøre, Norway. Tussa IKT manages Tussa’s regional IP network infrastructure, and provides advanced IT services to both companies and public organizations in the region.

As the company was celebrating its 70th anniversary, it embarked on a major upgrade of its network structure that was intended to provide residents and businesses of Sunnmøre with Internet, TV and IT services. The existing network had become maintenance-heavy, reducing service quality and increasing company spending, and as complexity increased, the risk of making error rose exponentially. Tussa IKT needed increased network capacity and simplified management in order to not only meet customer expectations but set a foundation for future growth.



  • Improve network uptime to minimize interruptions to customer experiences
  • Reduce burden on IT team from complicated, manual maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Stable network foundation to support future growth initiatives
"We're saving so much time doing our job. It's perfect. We can finally focus on what we should be focusing on...giving the best service to our customers and keeping the uptime as good as possible."
Aanon Aanonsen
Network Engineer, Tussa IKT

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric
  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • ExtremeWireless™



  • Newfound levels of uptime result in uninterrupted customer experiences
  • Simplified maintenance work and introduction of automation and redundancy from Fabric reduces errors and manual maintenance of network
  • Streamlined operations (design, build, and deploy new services) with Fabric's shortest-path bridging technology
  • Reduced time and resources needed for deployments reduces operational costs 
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of IT team through network's advanced management capabilities