Fabric Helps Fuel Growth at Fastcom

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Fastcom is a managed services provider focused on end-to-end IT and telecommunication services for business customers across New Zealand and Australia. The backbone of Fastcom’s business is its network, which supports thousands of customers and delivers the full gamut of IT services – networking, security, cloud, business continuity and more.


  • Network automation around a highly complex, reliable, flexible, secure and scalable IP network
  • Ability to embed and automate business rules with zero-touch provisioning
  • Efficient and rapid onboarding of new capacity and capability to support customer demands
“With Fabric, we've removed a large portion of the risk profile around change control ... everything we do is about efficiency, everything is about time. We are doing more work faster and engaging with our customers more efficiently with a far lower risk of technical change. When we exude confidence, our customers absorb that like sponges, and they are confident as well. We've got the right mix of technology and the right vendor sitting behind us, and that's a pretty important outcome for Fastcom.”
Daniel Kinross
CTO, Fastcom

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Switching™
  • Extreme Fabric™



Agile Networks for a Growth Business

  • Reduced customer onboarding across the network from weeks to days
  • Extreme Fabric Connect enabled significant business growth without having to increase network management resources
  • Fastcom was able to onboard all of Sietec’s customers in 4 months instead of a full year

Redeploying Resources

  • Fabric’s automation eliminates the need for Fastcom’s staff to focus on laborious network management and configuration
  • Fastcom’s small staff can focus on delivering value to the business and customer service, as opposed to network maintenance

Change Control

  • Improved capability and competitiveness to deliver new services quickly and win business
  • Secure and resilient network architecture gives Fastcom’s staff the confidence that they can move quickly on critical projects without risking their security posture