Gran Telescopio CANARIAS Launches High Performance, Reliable Network to Drive Astrophysical Research

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GRANTECAN is a public company in charge of operating the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC), one of the largest and most advanced telescopes in the world, located on the island of La Palma in Spain. It employs 78 people, including researchers and corporate users, spread across multiple facilities including the building that houses the telescope.



  • Increased network capacity to support huge volumes of data and new technologies crucial for researcher use
  • Simplified network infrastructure to centralize management and maximize user productivity
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity for better user experience
"The new wireless network, based on Wi-Fi 6, will allow us to take Wi-Fi connectivity to another level and make the most of all the IT resources we have available, as well as significantly improve the productivity and experience of corporate user connection. Extreme is a reliable and close partner, from whom we receive full support. It offers support that goes well beyond the level of service established by contract. It is a partner that helps us progress and continuously improve the services offered by the Observatory. The new network offers us the ability to provide researchers with huge volume of data provided by the telescope, necessary for their investigations."
Daniel Medina

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ




  • More capacity to support critical and highly demanding applications and services needed for research and telescope operation
  • Reliable partnership supporting progress and continuous improvement of services

Improved Operations 

  • Enhanced telescope operation, configuration and support
  • Real-time delivery of high-quality data and images from telescope to researchers
  • Significant advances in productivity and user experiences

Simplified Management

  • Optimized and centralized management of entire network saves users time and resources to focus on research and data collection