The Need to Future-Proof Your Community Today


Your citizens’ needs have changed. As your community goes forward with digital transformation initiatives to keep up with these changing demands, it is important that you not only consider today but also look ahead to tomorrow.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term future-proof means to design so your software or computer systems can still be used in the future even as technology continues to evolve.

Why Do You Need to Modernize and Future-Proof Your Network?

The 2022 NASCIO State CIO Survey has shown that the top two areas of focus going forward will be increasing attention to digital government services and increasing priority for modernization efforts. The best way to begin to address those goals is to start with a modern network.

Modernization brings in a variety of benefits, from better connectivity and performance to inherently better security and simplicity. As your community begins their modernization journey, many of the other top areas of focus will begin to fall into place as well.

A Strong Network is Necessary to Support Digital Government Services

As previously mentioned, digital government services are critical for communities today. This initiative has been the number one priority of state and local governments over the last few years, especially following the pandemic. It has become evident that sometimes the safest and most convenient way to reach your citizens is through the virtual world. In order to do so, you need to have a strong network that can securely connect your citizens to staff or digital self-service offerings.

The Ability to Support Your Staff No Matter Where They Work From

Another thing the pandemic has proven is that our employees don’t have to be in an office everyday to get things done. In fact, hybrid work options and flexible scheduling can help increase employee retention and satisfaction. In order to best support your staff as they work from anywhere you need a modern network that can reach and scale to demand.

Securely Connect to a Variety of Applications

Brining your digital services and hybrid work options to life will enhance your citizens but will also require different applications to help with collaboration, communication, and productivity. This is another priority that can be made simpler with a more modern network. When you replace legacy technology with up-to-date and futureproof solutions you will be able to better integrate applications and adapt to changing requirements.

It Is Time to Modernize and Future-Proof Your Community

The fact of the matter is, the sooner you begin your modernization journey the better. The best way to improve your community is to adapt to citizen needs and the best way to do so is a modern, efficient network. 

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