The Key to Picking the Right Partner for Your Community’s Modernization Initiatives

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Governments have typically been lagers, staying behind the curve to ensure security issues are ironed out before adopting new technologies. Once the pandemic hit, communities and agencies worldwide were forced to speed up their modernization initiatives to offer digital services and support a suddenly remote workforce.

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The Best Advice for Picking the Right Partner

We asked a panel of industry analysts what they feel is their best advice for picking the right technology partner. Their response: The key to choosing the right partner to help you with your technology initiatives is to ask them the right questions.

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How Can You Simplify My Job?

The first question you should ask is how their solutions and team will help make your job easier. Networks are getting increasingly complex, so the key is finding a solution and partner that will help you combat that complexity and simplify your job.

What is Your Vision for the Future?

To ensure that you are picking the right partner, it is essential to ask about their company’s vision for the future of their technology. This will help you understand how they plan to continue growing and evolving and help you pick a partner with goals that align with your organization.

What Data Can You Provide Me with To Help Me Improve Business Operations?

Your network is constantly collecting data that could give you insight into how to improve operations and help keep your staff connected to increase productivity. You must ask any potential network technology partner what network data their solutions can provide and what you have to gain from that.

Why Extreme Is the Right Partner

Combatting Network Complexity and Simplifying Your Job

Extreme Networks designs solutions to reduce network complexity to make IT jobs easier. Extreme is always finding ways to make solutions simple and secure, from a single pane of glass cloud management system to solutions to help automate repetitive and tedious tasks.

Access The Help You Need

In addition to the simplicity of the solutions, Extreme also helps customers with deploying, troubleshooting, and training employees to ensure that they get the most out of the technology. Ken Olson, a network manager for Loudoun County, said that he considers Extreme an “extension of his team” because they are always there to help provide support.

Hear more about how Loudoun County and Extreme Networks work together to help keep IT operations running smoothly for their local government agency.


The Infinite Enterprise Vision

Normal isn't what it used to be. The way we work, provide services and communicate today is digital. In order to help your community to be the best it can be, it needs to become an Infinite Enterprise. What is an Infinite Enterprise? Extreme's vision is how organizations and communities must operate to work at scale, connect users wherever they might be, and deliver a consumer-centric experience.  Local governments have to be able to adopt this vision and select a partner that is going to continue to grow and innovate with new technologies and solutions. Extreme has that vision and constantly finds ways to grow and improve their existing technology, expanding their portfolio to offer a more complete vision.

Watch this clip to hear from some of the top industry analysts about how Extreme's vision of the Infinite


One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme

So, how can your community evolve into an Infinite Enterprise to create the best possible citizen experience? An Infinite Enterprise has three key components: One Network, One Cloud, and One Extreme.

Learn the meaning behind One Network, One Cloud, and One Extreme with this clip of Extreme Networks Chief Technology Officer Nabil Bukhari.


Enhanced Network Data

Network data can be extremely useful for your community, giving you a sense of how operations run by giving you information from different connected devices. With a cloud management system, you will be able to access enhanced network data that can help you optimize the way that your community runs and make improvements to the citizen experience.

Learn how cloud technology from Extreme Networks can provide your staff with data to help increase efficiency and enhance citizen experiences with this clip.


Access Network Data with Extreme Analytics

Users are often quick to blame the network when their online experience isn't what it is supposed to be. When you have access to network data, your IT team can investigate how the network is performing to make the necessary adjustments or prove that the network isn’t the issue. Loudoun County was facing this problem. With the help of ExtremeAnalytics,  they have optimized network performance and understand what might be causing issues to mitigate threats to connectivity.

Hear from IT team members at Loudoun County on how network data has enhanced their IT operations.

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