Extreme Networks Wi-Fi Coach Program Expands to Europe


As with all sports, each team's coach is responsible for empowering their players, bringing them to the best of their abilities and enabling them to achieve their sporting goals. Is true about Extreme Networks’ Wi-Fi Coaches. This team is in charge of assisting fans, helping them to have a memorable game-day experience.

The Extreme Networks Wi-Fi Coach program has helped to enhance the fan experience over the past ten years across US stadiums and venues. In that time, approximately 600 Wi-Fi Coaches have been certified. They have supported seven NFL Super Bowls, the 2021 MLB All-Star Week, and Wi-Fi Coaches have been present across multiple NFL Stadiums for 10 seasons.

The program has had such a positive response that in May 2022, the first Wi-Fi Coach training was held in Berlin, Germany.

The first generation of German Wi-Fi Coaches is trained

In August 2021, Extreme announced its partnership as the official Wi-Fi provider of the Olympiastadion Berlin. Nine months later, the Extreme Networks team arrived in Berlin from the United States to train its first group of Wi-Fi Coaches after 1,000 Extreme Wi-Fi 6 access points had been deployed and activated throughout the stadium. This training allowed the German team to understand the importance of their role within the game and how network connectivity was key to ensuring a memorable fan experience.

Wi-Fi Coaches

After the training, the German Wi-Fi Coach team arrived at the Olympiastadion Berlin on May 7, 2022. Excitement and passion for soccer were rampant. As the team walked around the stadium in their purple polo shirts and sweaters it felt like a historic moment for Extreme Networks having its network operating in one of the world’s most iconic and cherished stadiums. The Olympiastadion Berlin is the fifth stadium to host the world's two most important sporting events: the Olympic Games and the World Cup. On both occasions, it was the main venue for the opening ceremony of the summer competition and the final of the soccer tournament. It also hosted the German Cup final in 1936, 1938-1942, and from 1985 to the present day.

German fans assisted by Extreme Networks Wi-Fi Coaches

The team was ready in their positions, the doors opened, and the Wi-Fi Coaches started to assist the fans. The immediate response was very positive. For many fans, it was strange to see the words Wi-Fi and Coach in the same sentence. Many curious fans came up asking about what the team was doing. Others simply wanted to know how they could access Wi-Fi from their phone. Some fans just had small casual conversations with the purple team, who always welcomed them with a smile on their faces.

Wi-Fi Coaches

The Olympiastadion Berlin was close to full capacity when the match started. Fans were enjoying their passion for soccer from their seats or jumping and singing their team's songs. In the crowd, little purple dots could be seen from afar as the Wi-Fi Coaches stayed on hand to assist fans when they needed it, helping to advance the connected experience inside the stadium.

Coming next: The Extreme Networks Wi-Fi Coach team is ready to educate fans on how to leverage the connected experience inside the Olympiastadion Berlin. The team will be in the right position to troubleshoot and enhance the network experience in real-time at the German Cup Final on May 21, 2022.

Wi-Fi Coaches

Behind great connected fan experiences are Extreme Networks solutions and Wi-Fi Coaches

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