The Fastest Game on Earth Requires the Fastest Connections – Enhancing the Fan Experience at the Stanley Cup


As the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin, the NHL® closes out another season fueled by innovation and creating enhanced fan experiences. From stronger wireless connections to real-time analytics, NHL arenas across the league are finding new ways to make the in-venue experience better than ever before.

As the Official Wi-Fi Analytics Provider and an Official Wi-Fi Provider of the NHL, Extreme Networks plays a huge part in creating memorable experiences for fans from the moment they enter the venue through the end of the game.

Using Technology to Enhance In-Venue Experiences

Over the years, the NHL fan experience has significantly transformed, with technology playing a pivotal role in enhancing fan engagement and stadium operations. The unique game experiences create lasting memories for fans of the electrifying atmosphere, the proximity to the action, and the sense of camaraderie among fans.

As fans have become more digitally engaged in the arena, wireless connectivity has emerged as a game-changer for arenas looking to enhance the fan experience. The NHL is constantly finding new, innovative ways to use technology at the arena so that fans, whether they are just casual fans or fanatics, can have an enjoyable experience.

How Wi-Fi is Transforming Fan Experiences

One of the technologies crucial to shaping that next-level fan experience is Wi-Fi. The ability to offer fans connectivity to engage on social media, look up quick stats, check out the score of other games, or place online sports bets has proven crucial to drawing fans into the arena and ensuring they want to return. Wi-Fi enables all these activities to ensure that fans have a seamless experience from before the puck drops to when they leave the arena.

Even beyond direct fan engagement, Wi-Fi technology supports critical stadium operations. From mobile ticketing to biometrics, AR/VR experiences, in-seat mobile concessions, and portable card readers, integrating technology throughout the venue enhances efficiency and convenience for fans and venue staff alike.

Real-Time Fan Engagement Insights

Real-time network analytics have become a crucial component in shaping the NHL fan experience. ExtremeAnalytics provides the NHL with insights into when fans are engaging the most and what apps they are using, giving teams a deeper understanding of how to reach their fans and enhance their overall experience.

Venue insights can also contribute to arena optimization, giving fans an understanding of how fans behave throughout the arena. This includes informing decisions about crowd management and resource allocation to enhance venue efficiency and fan experience. Network data insights can also play a crucial role in advising business partnerships and marketing activation opportunities, allowing the NHL Clubs to tailor strategies based on their fanbase's observed patterns and preferences.

The Fastest Game Requires the Fastest Connection

As the Stanley Cup playoffs approach, arenas are supporting the fastest game on earth with the fastest wireless connection. The Stanley Cup Playoffs mark a new era where hockey's excitement meets rapid innovation, emphasizing the NHL's dedication to an unforgettable journey powered by a strong connection.

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