Offering a Digital Government Experience – Benefits of Smart Communities

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Communities around the world are upgrading their networks and implementing smart technology in order to better support the needs of their citizens and achieve better outcomes. Citizens today want a digital government experience, convenient service offerings, and to be able to effectively communicate and engage with their local government.

See the graphic above to learn the many benefits of becoming a smart community.

How Technology is Driving Meaningful Change in Smart Communities

  1. Job Creation - As you begin to create a stronger technology backbone to support your community you will be able to create new jobs in order to help those within your community find employment
  2. Improved Public Services – When you have a strong network connecting all of your public service agencies, they are better able to communicate and work together in order provide top-tier services to citizens of your community.
  3. Improved Public Safety – With better and more connected public services comes better public safety. Fire departments, police departments, dispatch centers, and more will be able to communicate seamlessly in order to better protect and save through conflicts in your community.
  4. Increased Government Efficiency – There are a lot of challenges that state and local governments must face. When they are able to communicate effectively, reach their citizens no matter where they are, and offer digital services, they are able to run the community more efficiently and proactively.
  5. Improved Safety and Reduced Crime – Keep all of your security equipment from cameras to other public safety communication devices connected in order to help proactively prevent and reduce crime throughout the community.
  6. Improved Health in Community – Smart technology can help your state, city, county, or municipality improve their sustainability footprint, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the health of their citizens through reduced exposure to pollution.
  7. Better Transportation – Help keep your public transportation systems running efficiently and on-time in order to help your citizens get to where they need to be.

Resources About Becoming a Smart Community

The first step to becoming a smart community and unlocking all of those benefits for your community is to create a modernization plan. Learn more about the pillars of a modern community with some of our resources below.

In order to help your community be the best it can be, you need to upgrade your technology starting with a robust network and a cloud migration to make management simple for your team.

Learn more about how Extreme Networks can help your community advance and offer an enhanced digital government experience: Extreme Networks Cloud-Driven Network Solutions for State and Local Governments.