Extreme Networks for Sports & Entertainment Venues

Extreme Networks offers a range of networking solutions that can help enhance the fan experience, increase engagement and revenue, improve operations, reduce operational risk and differentiate sports and entertainment venues from competitors.

Here are some ways Extreme Networks can help in the sports and entertainment industry:

  • Connect. Provide fast, secure, converged wired and wireless venue connectivity
  • Monitor. Collect mobile and application engagement data of connected users/devices during games and events
  • Analyze. Devise actionable plans from network-driven business intelligence
  • Activate. Deliver compelling, personalized guest offerings; identify tactics to augment game day operations
  • Advance. Enhance the fan experience, improve operating efficiency, grow revenue


What We Deliver to Sports and Entertainment Venues

Next-Gen Wi-Fi

  • High-Density Wi-Fi
  • Seamless fan access and onboarding
  • Robust connectivity for peak performance
  • Complete venue coverage for seamless roaming
  • Flexible mounting options that maintain venue aesthetics
  • Under seat, over head, and in-rail mounting options

Application-layer Wi-Fi Analytics

  • Complete application insights and visibility
  • Detailed understanding of fan mobile engagements
  • Determine adoption and usage of team and venue applications
  • Three layer of location analytics, including presence, identity, and zone
  • Elevated fan experience with value-added promotions and offers
  • Increased personalization and engagement

Robust and Intelligent Switching Infrastructure

  • Strong network backbone to support today’s bandwidth requirements
  • Agile, resilient, and secure hardware
  • Readiness for back-of-house assets: IP-based video surveillance systems, CCTV, HVAC, and more
  • Support and empowers multicast environments

Centralized Network Management and Control

  • Wired and wireless management from single pane of glass
  • Seamless role-based network provisioning
  • Ability to configure the network event to event
  • Prioritize access and privileges for users, devices, and applications
  • Alleviate the burden of network administration

Why You Should Choose Extreme Networks in Sports and Entertainment

We have 20+ Years in End-to-End IT Network,  5x Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in wired/wireless Leader and 100% insourced service and support.