Networking Solutions For Communications Service Provider

Composable Network Architecture for Communications Service Provider.

Modernize Service Provider Networks From Scale To Revenue Generation

Reduce Risk

Extreme's Service Provider solutions are installed in the most advanced fixed and mobile communications service provider networks, providing reliable networking solutions and reducing risk.

Simplify Operations

Speed and agility requires an on demand, composable infrastructure supporting ​traditional and cloud-native solutions while also simplifying operations and network lifecycle management.

Increase Revenue

Automate your workload service delivery in real time with a composable network architecture to support the increasing circumference of the data center at your edge and core sites to grow revenue.

Communication Service Provider Solutions

Network Fabrics for remote and distributed 5G mobile edge and core networks deliver cloud-native service automation saving time and effort. CSPs need simplified lidecycle management, saving investments and mitigating risk, leading to stronger and faster revenue.

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Gain analytics for service assurance, speed up network performance and save money by enabling data driven decision making. Increase revenue with rapid inisght for new service delivery and mitigate risk by protecting the integrity of data. CSPs need to have the value of a cloud native experience with the reliability of carrier-grade platforms for their automation and visibility.

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Highly scalable border routing for Internet Service Providers and Internet Exchange Points and large enterprises to generate more revenue by enabling flexible deployments, mitigate risk with future-proof platforms and increase efficiency for your network by delivering massive scale where needed.​

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