Regional Service Providers

Metro VPN Services for Your Mission Critical Enterprise Customers

Highly Scalable, Innovative Services for Regional Internet Service Providers

Next-generation high-performance Enterprise network solutions

Enterprises are under constant pressure to provide fast, reliable VPN services to secure the connection of their remote work force while increasing productivity with fast Internet services. To remain competitive in a global economy, the network performance delivered by regional service providers is crucial for partner networks and supplier extranet connectivity to provide maximum uptime and speed for the operations teams to connect sites around the world. A smarter network with network application visibility, DDoS attack prevention and cross domain automation deliver on the promise of an autonomous network as the nervous system for the autonomous enterprise. This network is capable of learning, self-correcting, and evolving to deliver next generation services.

Why Extreme Networks for Regional Service Providers?

Flexible Metro Ethernet VPN and Internet Service Deployment Architectures

Extreme Networks delivers ring and meshed based architectures for network performances from sub-1G to 100G deployments and allow customers to expand their service foot print for small and medium to large Enterprise locations as needed.

Layer 2, Layer 3, and MPLS Services on Same Platform at Affordable Price

With the flexibility of layer 2 (VLAN, QinQ), layer 3 (BGP IPv4, IPv6) and MPLS (VLL, VPLS, L3 VPN) based architectures and deployments on the same platform for edge or core networks, the Extreme Networks solutions enable flexible and cost-efficient expansion of brown field networks or create new green field networks.

Service Management for Ethernet Services SLA

In order to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the network needs to deliver fast, proactive identification and isolation of faults in the network or service, helping to increase service uptime. Extreme Networks platform solutions supports both native Ethernet and MPLS OAM for service reliability to help assure user service experience for all applications.

Integrated Application Hosting

Extreme Switches and Router can run onboard applications alongside the operating system – all without impacting performance. This can help provide network insight through on-board analytics applications and even enable new network applications without the need for a separate hardware device.