How Wi-Fi Transformed the Fan Experience at Gillette Stadium


In 2012, the New England Patriots were the first NFL team to offer stadium-wide Wi-Fi connectivity to fans. 10 years later, every NFL club and the majority of professional sports teams have followed.

Now a panel of executives share their insights on 10 years of innovation and beyond:  

  • Why the Patriots decided to be the first adopters of fan-facing Wi-Fi
  •  How fan and team usage of the technology grew and evolved in 10 years
  • How the fan experience has transformed at Gillette Stadium
  • If the team’s digital and technology goals changed, and today’s priorities
  • Key learnings for any business and technology leaders
  • What’s in store for the future of the NFL game day experience
  • Driving automation and operational efficiency at both Gillette and Kraft Group manufacturing facilities

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