VusionGroup and Extreme Networks – Powering the Intelligent Store Together


Through the combined expertise of Extreme Networks and VusionGroup, retailers receive the benefits of an intelligent store with reduced infrastructure needs and limited investment.

VusionGroup’s IoT and data solutions, together with Extreme’s robust access point infrastructure help retailers turn their shelves into intelligent hubs, offering a sustainable and lower-cost method of optimizing pricing strategies, facilitating inventory management, executing targeted marketing campaigns, and more. The strong partnership between VusionGroup and Extreme helps pave the way for transformative technological innovations in the retail landscape.

"There's a close partnership with the teams from Extreme, on the engineering side to maintain the current solution and develop new functionalities and solutions for the future."
Christoph Kahr
Solution Expert, VusionGroup

VusionGroup is a leader in digitalization solutions for commerce, serving over 350 large retailer groups around the world in Europe, Asia and North America. By leveraging IoT & data technologies, they empower retailers to re-imagine physical stores into efficient, intelligent, connected, and data-driven assets.

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