Leen Bakker Rolls Out Cloud-Managed Wireless Across 153 Stores


With nearly 2 million customers visiting the physical stores each month, Leen Bakker is the largest omnichannel value discounter of the home furnishing sector in the Benelux region. To enable reliable wireless connectivity at a reasonable price for a high-quality experience for both customers and employees, the company decided to introduce a new cloud-managed Wi-Fi in more than 150 retail outlets across the Netherlands and Belgium. In partnership with distributor Kappa Data, Leen Bakker deployed Extreme Wireless solutions to all stores in less than six months.



  • Realize higher speed, coverage, and capacity for increasing number of connected devices
  • Enhance scalability and flexibility to support both current and future use cases required across stores
  • Manage entire network from one cloud-managed system
"We have been using Extreme Networks products since 2016, so we are very much familiar with their technology and what it's bringing to the table. We chose Extreme Networks because our Kwantum and Leen Bakker stores especially need reliable, well-performing Wi-Fi. The specifications just fit exactly what we needed."
Gertjan Pruim
IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Homefashion Group

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ



  • Seamless mobile experience for customers and associates powered by a reliable, problem-free, and high performing wireless network
  • Increased return on investment with high hardware flexibility and reduced hardware obsolescence
  • Smooth and cost-effective implementation process of more than 1,200 access points with cloud-enabled automations
  • Proactively detect anomalies, suggest potential solutions, and address issues before they become problems
  • Excellent price-quality ratio