Behind-the-Scenes at Kick Sauber F1 With Extreme Academy Part 1: A Network to Support Multicast

Join the Extreme Academy team as we follow the KICK Sauber F1 Team on their journey throughout the racing season! Extreme Networks is powering the KICK Sauber F1 Team's operations with Wi-Fi 6E and network analytics, providing cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the way the team operates.

The free technical training session, hosted by our panel of experts, will delve into the high-performance networking environment demanded by F1 Teams and the technologies that support their operations both on and off the racetrack. Whether you are a fan of networking or a fan of F1, this is a must-watch!

Mark your calendars for this first episode, which will introduce the partnership between Extreme and KICK Sauber F1 as the racing season kicks off in Asia with insight into technical training on Multicast and how it is used in the world of F1 motor racing, airing April 11, 2024, at 8 am BST/4 pm SGT.


  • Rohan Abey, Senior Director of Training and Sales Enablement 
  • Marco Mautone, Senior Director of EMEA Marketing 
  • Roy Verboeket, VP of Sales Engineering International Markets 
  • Mina Mousa, Head of Systems Engineering, ANZ 

Training Session Workbook

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This workbook serves as a valuable resource to complement our first session of technical training following KICK Sauber F1®️ Team, starting with Multicast technology. The workbook includes background information, the slides used during the session, and space to take your own notes while you listen.

Take notes, draw diagrams, and deepen your understanding of the technologies driving innovation in the racing industry!

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