KICK Sauber F1® Team Accelerates Operations with High-Speed Wi-Fi 6E

In the fast-paced world of Formula One®, seconds can make all the difference. That is why the KICK Sauber Formula One® Team demands a network as fast as their cars. Partnering with Extreme Networks, KICK Sauber has implemented lightning-fast connectivity through Wi-Fi 6E solutions paired with ExtremeAnalytics and switching technology.


F1 teams heavily rely on data for analyzing car performance and making split-second decisions. Wi-Fi 6E technology is the backbone of KICK Sauber’s network, guaranteeing seamless and efficient data flow. This empowers the team with the information they need to perform their best.

This high-speed connectivity isn’t limited to race day operations; it extends to KICK Sauber’s other facilities, optimizing staff productivity at their HQ and manufacturing efficiency in their facilities. The team’s manufacturing facilities operate bandwidth-heavy technologies seamlessly into the network. The reliability of the network not only supports these manufacturing operations, but keeps the entire team connected without interruption as those machines run.