Aislelabs Platform Enable Wi-Fi Marketing and Location Analytics for Brick and Mortar Spaces

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The Aislelabs platform leverages our partnership with Extreme Networks to enable Wi-Fi marketing and location analytics for brick and mortar stores. Aislelabs natively integrates with a host of Extreme Networks access points providing business value beyond connectivity, to end clients.

Businesses of any size always strive to understand who their customers are to connect and market to them. The Aislelabs product suite, enabled over Extreme Networks access points, addresses this fundamental pain point. It provides location intelligence using Wi-Fi as a proxy for data collection from physical locations (stores). Businesses can now understand how many customers visit their stores, how much time they spend, and most importantly how they flow and move within the space. This unlocks numerous insights for operations and marketing teams directly from the Aislelabs platform.

In addition, Aislelabs’ cloud-based software, enables sophisticated data acquisition from customers that connect to the Wi-Fi, enabling businesses to build enterprise-grade customer databases. Moreover, businesses can digitally retarget their customers natively within the Aislelabs platform (or integrated through suitable marketing platforms) to gain a profound marketing return on investment by keeping those customers engaged and transforming them into repeat customers.