ExtremeCloud IQ + Hamina

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Wi-Fi performance is critical for organizations who want to delight their customers and deliver improved business outcomes. However, a shortage of skilled IT workers combined with strained IT budgets mean that the tools used for wireless design must be cost-efficient and easy to learn.

When designing a wireless network, wireless engineers must account for a large amount of variables to ensure proper deployment practices are followed. By choosing wireless design tools that enhance visibility, reporting, ease of use and speed of design, wireless engineers enhance their strategic value to organizations of the modern era. They can design wireless networks more quickly, provide simulations, and quickly demonstrate improved outcomes.

Integrated With ExtremeCloud IQ

  • Simplified Deployment
  • Instantly deploy new sites to production from cloud-based Hamina tool after making the RF plan.
  • Leverage Cloud API
  • Utilizes Extreme APIs to integrate Hamina and ExtremeCloud IQ to export Hamina deployment to ExtremeCloud IQ\
  • Intuitive Workflows
  • Import current situation of the network to Hamina for RF analysis and import inventory for planned to actual Extreme access point matching. Choose from Extreme access points when building wireless plan.

Simplified Wi-Fi Design, Anywhere

  • Model various use cases across complex deployment environments with sloped and raised floors, different antenna configurations, varying wall heights, AP models, outdoor/indoor deployments, and different configurations.


The ExtremeCloud IQ integration with Hamina provides an all-encompassing high-powered Wi-Fi design solution with all the necessary features to plan your network. Determine the number of access points needed, the alignment of the antennas, wired network requirements, while optimizing for coverage, performance and high capacity.

  • Switching + Wireless
  • Add your switches and wired clients to the design to calculate cable lengths, PoE and port consumption, get cabling and power reports, and more.
  • Client Experience Simulation
  • Simulate the network behavior as a network user with client-perceived data rate, signal strength, modulation, band, as well as roaming prediction and analysis
  • 3D Reporting
  • Cloud-based reporting system with advanced interactive capabilities to build configurable reports for bill of materials creation, cable, switch, PoE, and client experience reports.
  • Capacity Planning
  • Design high-capacity areas with ease by accounting for various client types, running 6 GHz capacity simulator, and instantly calculate associations per radio
  • 3D Design
  • Three dimensional views of your environment that includes signal propagation and antenna modeling across multiple floors and antenna configurations.
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