Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Blame: A Painless Transition to a Solution That Delivers

We understand that wasting time proving, ‘it’s not the network?’ takes away from time spent optimizing it. That's why we offer a cloud-managed networking solution that can maximize your efficiency and minimize blame. without compromise or added cost. In this demo, see how Extreme can. provide you with the two very simple benefits:

  • Less time wasted dodging the blame: Poor application performance isn't always the network's fault. End the blame game. Shorten your mean time to innocence by leveraging Extreme Networks' advanced network monitoring, analytics, and automation capabilities, you can quickly identify, isolate, and resolve network issues.
  • Do more with less: Extreme Networks helps you do more with less by offering advanced network automation, centralized management, and a simplified license model that provides flexibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, portability, and streamlined renewals for efficient network configuration and management.

You can choose between cloud-based and on-premise options. And with ExtremeCloud IQ-Site Engine, we can manage 3rd party networking and IoT devices in a single pane of glass. This enables centralized visibility as well as easy migration to an Extreme solution once ready to transition. 

By migrating to Extreme Networks, you can reduce your networking costs, simplify your infrastructure, and enjoy a more flexible and adaptable solution. Our team is ready to help you make the transition, and we offer comprehensive support to ensure that your migration is seamless. Learn more by joining us for our ExtremeLive Demo.

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