Enterprise Networking Shouldn’t be Complex

The network is the strategic weapon of your enterprise, driving next-generation services like mobile concessions, electronic shelf labeling, or even robotic surgeries. All these services are gateways to efficiency, productivity, and revenue, and we’re just scratching the surface. 

Yet, what’s the reality? Corporate networks often fall short of delivering simplicity, flexibility, or that much-needed return on investment (ROI) businesses need to achieve their goals. These networks are still seen as money-gobbling monsters, not profit creators. They are costly, perplexing puzzles to operate and manage, inflexible to adapt to new needs, and brimming with unnecessary expensive features.

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Searching for a different approach to the intricate, rigid, and expensive networking model provided by your current vendor? Worried that exploring other options might entail losing your investment and necessitate a complete overhaul of your infrastructure? There exists an alternative choice that delivers simplicity, adaptability, and value, all while safeguarding your investment.

Take Control of Your Network

Switch on Your Own Terms

Simplified Licensing

Enhance the deployment process with straightforward and efficient licensing, uniform warranty coverage, robust cloud management, and highly-rated services and support.

Flexible Solution

Bring an end to the era of intricate licensing and bewildering warranty propositions! Instead, licensing becomes easily shared and transferable, warranties are straightforward and uniform, and services and support are entirely internally provided and highly esteemed.

Value Driven

Avoid technology lock-in by being able to evolve the software to take advantage of new technologies, new feature sets and new deployment models as requirements change. This means you no longer need to be concerned that you’ll lose your investment and be forced to rip and replace your infrastructure.

Interoperability Evaluation for Cisco Catalyst & WLAN with Extreme Switches

In this report, Tolly Group evaluates the interoperability of Extreme’s 5520 and 5720 universal switches with Cisco WLAN and switch platforms in the form of a Cisco Systems Catalyst 9800 WLAN Controller, Catalyst 9115 Series Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, and Catalyst 9200 48-port PoE switch.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of network switch options and their implications. Click on the link above to access the full report and equip yourself with insights that can revolutionize your network management strategies.

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