Solution Demo: IT-Powered Healthcare Transformation


Get a real-world view of our technology and learn why thousands of global healthcare customers trust Extreme to connect, manager and secure their environments.

The healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented disruption and change.  Technology and IT teams must adapt to shifting demands being driven by:

  • Elevated Operating Costs
  • Recruiting and Retaining Staff
  • Providing a Total Healthcare Experience 
  • Handling Cybersecurity Threats 
  • Advancing Network Modernization

In this real-world healthcare solution demo, you’ll learn how these technologies help healthcare organizations achieve:

  • Quality Patient and Staff Experiences
  • Operational Efficiency and Critical Availability 
  • Data Security and Compliance 
  • Medical Innovation via Data-Driven Decision Making

To overcome these acute challenges, meet unique criteria, and transform clinical environments, we engineer and deploy purpose-built IT network solutions to equip healthcare businesses with:  

  • Universal Wired and Wireless
  • Extreme Fabric
  • SD-WAN
  • ExtremeCloud IQ
  • ExtremeCloud Edge
  • 3rd Party Management
  • Universal Licensing
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