Solution Demo: IT-Powered Healthcare Transformation

The healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented disruption and change.  Technology and IT teams must adapt to shifting demands being driven by:

  • Elevated Operating Costs
  • Recruiting and Retaining Staff
  • Providing a Total Healthcare Experience 
  • Handling Cybersecurity Threats 
  • Advancing Network Modernization

To overcome these acute challenges, meet unique criteria, and transform clinical environments, we engineer and deploy purpose-built IT network solutions to equip healthcare businesses with:  

  • Wireless/Wired Universal Platforms
  • Unified Fabric
  • CloudContinuum
  • 3rd Party management
  • Universal Licensing

In this real-world healthcare solution demo, you’ll learn how these technologies help healthcare organizations achieve:

  • Quality Patient and Staff Experiences
  • Operational Efficiency and Critical Availability 
  • Data Security and Compliance 
  • Medical Innovation via Data-Driven Decision Making

Get a real-world view of our technology: and learn why thousands of global healthcare customers trust Extreme to connect, manager and secure their environments.  

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