Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School Meets New Tech Demands with Next-Gen Infrastructure

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Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in Massachusetts is the oldest agricultural school in the country, serving 600 students from over 60 communities. Its campus includes 11 separate buildings, including an 1824 Dairy Barn with educational workshops, a multi-sport venue, and a cutting-edge press box.


  • Supporting vast range of devices and applications with consistent, reliable, high-speed connectivity
  • Deploying Wi-Fi to older buildings where wiring is not an option
  • Simplicity and flexibility of deployment, management, and troubleshooting top priority for small IT department
  • Future-proof solution to further support existing needs and future growth
"We wouldn’t be able to do 99% of what we do in the classrooms or shops without the Extreme devices. The ROI is indescribable."
Josh Shearer
Director of Technology, Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

Extreme Solution Components:

  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • Extreme Wireless™



Improved Network Performance and Access

  • Extreme Wi-Fi access points in every classroom and other locations enable consistent, reliable access for all devices to support the learning process
  • With new APs and switches, no need to limit the number of devices connecting to the network, ensuring a high-quality network experience for all users
  • Wireless connectivity eliminated wiring challenges in older buildings with concrete walls and existing, older wiring

Increased IT Efficiency

  • ExtremeCloud IQ enables efficient remote network management and troubleshooting from anywhere
  • IT team able to manage the entire network and connected devices from a single interface with a single pane of glass view of the entire network
  • Installation of 41 new Wi-Fi 6 APs and relocating existing ones took only minutes

Driving Topline Revenue

  • Enable continuity of a tech-driven learning experience from the classroom, other campus locations, or from home
  • Enable use of high-bandwidth applications, like AR/VR for multiple classes and shops
  • Simple device boarding allowed Electrical Shop students to assist in network upgrades, delivering first-hand experience with network infrastructure to enhance classroom learning