West Lothian Council Modernizes Wireless to Deliver Better Learning Experience

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West Lothian Council (WLC) is the local authority for the West Lothian area in Scotland. Like all Scottish councils, WLC is responsible for the coordination and provision of essential public services such as education, social work, housing, highway maintenance, and much more. The local authority is responsible for almost 100 primary, secondary and ASN (additional support needs) schools, serving over 25,000 students.


  • Increased network capacity for growing number of devices and services used by students and faculty
  • Improved wireless connectivity to ensure reliable connectivity in classrooms and enable teachers to maximize effective use of technology.
  • Scalable, futureproof solution that will grow with the schools and their needs as education and technology continue to evolve and advance
"With ExtremeCloud IQ, the digital learning team already has significant insight around the applications that the students are using, the bandwidth, and numbers or differences between our individual learning sites. The management information and insight can be used to evolve the digital learning process and perhaps introduce more standardized methods and practices across the West Lothian teaching estate."
Matthew Clarke
IT Network Technical Team Lead, West Lothian Council

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • ExtremeWireless™


High-performance Connectivity

  • Increased network capacity and enhanced performance guarantees connectivity for students and faculty regardless of location or number of devices online

Equal Access and Enhanced Digital Learning

  • Created, effectively, a completely online learning environment with 30 to 1 student to AP ratio
  • Stable infrastructure to support the on-going use of technology for effective learning

Simplified Network Management

  • Consolidated network management into a single pane of glass view solution simplifies maintenance and oversight of entire school district
  • Optimized operation efficiency and foresight into network health relieves burden on IT department and frees up time to focus on critical tasks and projects