Sammy Ofer Stadium Builds a Next-Level Fan Experience

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Sammy Ofer Stadium, located in Haifa, Israel, is the second-largest sporting venue in the country and one of the most advanced in the region. Seating more than 30,000 people, Sammy Ofer Stadium is not just for sports, but it also plays host to a number of events, using its on-site resources to support corporate events that maintain the stadium’s utilization and diversify its revenue sources. The key to any event at the stadium is creating valuable user experiences that keep guests coming back.


  • High-class wireless infrastructure to improve guest experience and support key stadium operations
  • High speed rates and secure Wi-Fi for dense, high traffic environment
  • Scalable network coverage for introduction of new and advance digital services
"We now have the capacity of monitoring and identifying user connections – features which we did not possess previously. The Extreme solution enables us to monitor the network and identify congested areas and interruptions in the Wi-Fi network more effectively. With these capabilities, we can address issues even before they impact network performance."
Shai Pesachov
IT Manager, Sammy Ofer Stadium

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ



Dependable Wi-Fi Coverage

  • Simultaneous connection of hundreds of end-users to guest Wi-Fi without interruption
  • Extended coverage to hospitality sections across stadium, stands, and eventually outdoors and entrances

Advanced Cloud Management

  • Integrated applications provide single view of analytics, reporting, and customized dashboards
  • Simplified visibility and management of wired and wireless network components
  • Proactive monitoring addresses issues before negative impact occurs on network performance

Groundwork for the future

  • Connectivity expanding outside the stadium to the entrances means Sammy Ofer can now support its ticketing system with wireless
  • Modernized network infrastructure can now support migration of IoT sensors, cameras and other devices onto the outdoor network