Technology Needs

  • Secure and scalable connectivity for thousands of end-users and personal and medical devices.
  • Simplified network management and maintenance to improve operating efficiency and dedicate more time to patient experience enhancing initiatives.
  • Increased network capacity to accommodate bandwidth demanding applications and devices.

Extreme Solution Components

  • Extreme Switching™
  • Extreme Fabric Connect™
  • Extreme Wireless™
  • Extreme Cloud™ IQ

Cordaan Takes Patient Care to Next Level

Established more than 10 years ago, Cordaan Group has become one of the largest healthcare providers in the Netherlands. The Group provides care to more than 20,000 citizens across 120 locations in every district of Amsterdam and its metropolitan area. Cordaan’s 6,000 employees and 2,500 volunteers, in association with numerous research institutes and social organizations, offer a large range of services in managed healthcare facilities and patient homes. Cordaan aspires to lead the way in developing long-term care throughout the country’s capital area.

In order to meet increased connectivity demands from guests and facilitate secure use of connected medical devices, Cordaan needed to advance its outdated network solution. The healthcare provider also wanted to simultaneously optimize operating efficiency while enabling effortless network management across all 120 of its locations.

In partnership with Extreme Networks and Pink Elephant, Cordaan replaced its legacy network with a secure, robust infrastructure orchestrated centrally via Extreme’s wireless cloud-enabled solutions. Purpose-built Extreme Wireless ensured reliable and scalable connectivity for staff, patients, and visitors regardless of location. ExtremeCloud IQ provided end-to-end visibility to keep advanced medical devices running securely while streamlining network management and maintenance. As Cordaan expands and more users, applications, and medical devices are added to the network, its new cloud-managed infrastructure will be well-prepared to meet future needs and continue providing the best possible patient care.

“The pandemic has proven that IT has become extremely personal in care facilities. High quality networking facilities are essential. That is why we partner with Extreme.”

Rob van Rinsum, CEO, Pink Elephant



Scalable Connectivity

  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi ensures reliable and scalable connectivity for thousands of staff, patients, and visitors regardless of location
  • Secure, agile, and resilient infrastructure copes with increased volume of personal and medical devices
  • Support for bandwidth-intensive applications.

Seamless and Secure Cloud Network Management

  • Network segmentation protects critical applications and medical devices in event of cyberattack or security breaches.
  • Controlled containment of breaches protects and restricts access to sensitive information and data.

Simplified, Cost-Effective Network Maintenance

  • End-to-end visibility and unlimited access to data enables IT staff to monitor and manage expanding number of devices and services.
  • Automation of updates and device additions lowers reliance on IT staff to run, maintain, and troubleshoot network and reduces risk of human error.
  • Improved level of operating efficiency allows IT staff to dedicate more time to new initiatives.

“Everything we do at Cordaan is focused on giving our patients the most comfortable experience as well as the most advanced treatments and care. As our network is central to achieving this, we need a secure, agile, and resilient cloud-based infrastructure to cope with increased demand from thousands of personal and medical devices so our visitors and staff can continue to experience reliable connectivity.”

Rob Bergfeld
Managed ICT Services, Cordaan

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