Technology Needs

  • Simplified network infrastructure to minimize error and downtime
  • Scalable capacity to accommodate future network requirements and expansion
  • Improved user satisfaction with IT services and enhanced student experience

Extreme Solution Components

  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ – Site Engine
  • Extreme Fabric Connect
  • ExtremeSwitching™

City, University of London Modernizes Wireless for a Superior Campus Experience

Founded in 1894, City, University of London is a leading international institute recognized for its high rank in student satisfaction. The university campus spans 24 buildings across multiple sites around central London and accommodates 18,000 students and 2,000 staff members.

With a large number of users and a complex mix of demanding services and applications that run 24/7, managing the university network was no small task. City needed to deliver a network with scalable capacity to accommodate the growing number of students consuming streamed content and their personal devices. In addition, the university’s network had become too complex, no longer operating efficiently and susceptible to risk and error.

In partnership with Extreme and Charterhouse Group, City, University of London was able to eliminate downtime, access unprecedented flexibility for network configuration, and bolster user satisfaction. Using ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine, the new network infrastructure simplified management and provided the university’s IT team with full visibility and advanced analytics around performance, usage, and security. As a result, student experience and operational efficiencies improved significantly.

“There are many complexities when it comes to a university’s network due to the number of campuses and varying user demands. However, as one of Extreme’s key partners, Charterhouse has full access to their portfolio of wired, wireless, management and NAC/Analytics enabling us to deliver exactly what City, University of London needs to provide a world-class educational experience. This is the latest in a long line of transformation projects we have worked on alongside Extreme.”

Tony Brar, Director, Charterhouse Group


Improved Learning Experience

  • Seamless access to educational platforms and streaming without delay
  • Future-proofed ability to integrate new programs and curriculum
  • Support for increasing number of media-rich content and user devices

Simplified Network Management

  • Automated operation and management of all network functions makes network
    administration easy
  • Time given back to staff to focus on important tasks and projects
  • Confidence in network flexibility allows staff to make decisions and changes without hesitation


  • Seamless connectivity throughout high-density environments across campus
  • Faster speeds and low latency for users with multiple devices

“The student experience is crucial to us and the technological facilities we provide underpin that. Our goal with Extreme from the get-go was to deploy a network infrastructure that could provide students and staff with seamless connectivity both in the classroom and across the campus. Extreme was able to support us in our ambitions to modernize the student experience. Our new architecture provides us with exactly that and frees up staff to focus on other activities, while allowing students to enjoy a superior education experience.”

Paulo Leal
Network Manager, City, University of London

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