GLR College Delivers Extreme Solutions for Creative Minds

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The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) is the Benelux region’s largest and most innovative creative college for media, design, and technology. With over 400 staff members, educators, and more than 4,000 students the GLR offers a broad range of college-level programs that prepare graduates for future careers in the media, design, and technology industries.



  • Increased capacity for professional-grade AV content and applications in dense and bandwidth-hungry environment
  • Reliable, secure, and efficient wireless connectivity 24/7
  • Scalability to accommodate growing number of student and staff devices and data needs
"Extreme was the only vendor to offer AVB-enabled Ethernet switches that unified data, audio, and video traffic on a single, standards-based network. The students and teachers are now able to access and edit professional AV content from anywhere via the Internet. From that point moving forward, we have never experienced any bottlenecks in our network and that speaks volumes."
Sander Stolk
Security Officer and Board Member, GLR

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric™
  • Extreme Wireless™



Seamless Connectivity

  • Students and teachers can access and edit professional AV content from anywhere
  • Zero downtime without any bottlenecks
  • Reliable, secure, and efficient wireless network supports diverse mix of devices on and off campus

New Capacity

  • New robust infrastructure offers additional capacity to support bandwidth intensive applications and transportation of AV content

Simplified Management and Scalability

  • Simplified infrastructure and consolidated management help avoid extensive time and resource allocation
  • Fully automated network, scalability, and security without interference of daily operations