Why Cloud for Government Agencies?

Government agencies, whether federal or local, have begun seeing the benefits of investing in cloud technologies to achieve better outcomes. Whether you are looking to modernize your community or offer better digital services to citizens, the cloud could be the answer to reaching your goals.

Learn more on how the cloud can enhance the way that your government agency runs with this video, and read on to learn the benefits of cloud technology!

Better Visibility Means Better Security

Cyber threats are a serious challenge that governments worldwide are dealing with every day. A cyberattack can cause breach of data or information, cost time and money to resolve or cause downtime impacting operations.

Cloud technology gives your IT team better visibility into what is happening within their network, which can help them identify threats sooner, improving their overall cybersecurity strategy. When your IT team can detect threats, they can often mitigate them sooner and prevent them from accessing information or causing network downtime. 

Hear how Nevada DOT was able to use increased visibility into their network to improve their cybersecurity strategies and mitigate risks earlier.


Reduce Costs

Budgets are limited. The cloud can help you increase operational efficiency and understand what is working in your organization to ensure that your technology budget is being allocated wisely. Cloud management solutions can also help provide insight into how to optimize your existing technology, so you don’t waste money replacing or refurbishing technology that doesn’t need it.

Improve Government Operations

Cloud management solutions provide greater visibility into the network, which not only helps with the cybersecurity piece mentioned above, but also helps increase the overall operational efficiency of your agency or department. Your IT team can see what is happening in the network and identify areas that need improvement to keep your staff connected and working productively.

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