Welcome to the 2023 Extreme Summer Interns!


I speak for all of us at Extreme Networks when I say, "We’re thrilled to welcome our 2023 summer interns!" This year, we have almost 60 talented students joining us from across the globe. Throughout their time with Extreme, interns will experience both professional and personal development.

Extreme interns work on multiple projects that impact our company throughout their internships. From redesigning webpages to working on messaging, planning events, and developing training curricula, Extreme's interns play a role in every aspect of the business. Interns are encouraged to join meetings, network with industry professionals, and share their perspectives.

Growing from just 28 interns in 2021, our intern program has doubled in the past two years. This year alone, we received over 5,000 applicants to participate in the program. So, what makes our program so successful? In addition to impactful projects, interns are assigned a “buddy” before or on their first day of work and are encouraged to join one of our nine employee resource groups (ERGs). This provides a sense of community and opens strong communication paths to interns in today’s flexible, remote work environment.

“We take our intern program seriously. The number of applicants we receive is overwhelming, but we focus on top-school candidates with a high level of campus involvement and previous internships (and yes - we look at every resume)! We wind up with a strong cohort that will most certainly make an impact on our business while they're here. At the end of the day, our goal is to develop well-rounded professionals that will have a future at Extreme post-graduation.” - Tom Fitzpatrick, Senior Manager of Consultant Relations, Marketing Intern Coordinator, and Head of the Aspiring Professionals ERG, Extreme Networks

Extreme’s internship program is highly competitive, as over 5,000 applicants applied for an internship this summer. Hear about some of the impactful projects our interns are already working on:

“One of the projects I’m excited about is going through Salesforce to look through all of our campaigns and see if they're producing results. These numbers will be reported to Extreme's executive leadership to show that our efforts are making a true impact.” – Nicole Caiati, Sports Partnerships Marketing Intern, Georgia Tech

“As the video production intern, I have been able to help push out lots of great content showcasing everything from new Extreme technologies to customer success stories. Most of my work entails video intake, editing, branding, and sharing content with the rest of the team to be distributed across platforms.” – Gabe Rosenfeld, Video Production Intern, Temple University

“I’ve been re-designing the curriculum of our E-Rate training program so that Extreme representatives and partners can be better informed of how school districts receive funding to improve their technology.” - Benj Nopper, SLED Sales Intern, Baylor University

“I will be helping with the website migration from WordPress to Sitecore and the migration from Google Analytics to GA4.” - Daniel Lee, Digital Marketing Intern, UC Berkeley

“I will be creating product organization anniversary videos as well as producing employee FOMO content every week!” – Brianna Bibona, Video Intern, University of Central Florida

“I am working on improving scalable networks. This will involve adding devices to a Virtual Machine via Extreme Fabric Automation. I will be patching bugs using Git and through programming and debugging in Golang.” – Michael Kazban, Scalable Networks Q&R Intern, Florida Polytechnic University

Extreme’s interns are not shy of setting big goals for their internship, either. Here’s what some of them hope to accomplish over the summer:

“I want to learn strategies within ABM and B2B marketing and become an expert in the analytics and reporting components behind marketing campaigns/events.” - James Burris, US Major Accounts Marketing Intern, Fordham University

“My goal is to make a positive impact on the marketing presence of the company via social amplification and grow my B2B marketing skills.” - Olivia Heindel, Social Media Marketing Intern, Iowa State University

“I wish to learn about Networking Protocols. I currently work with the Sustaining Team and would like to get myself familiar with the team's working procedures.” - Shanthakumar Sivakumar, Software Quality Assurance Intern, Boston University.

“I am interested in learning more about the network switches and developing and maintaining the software for it. Also, to be able to learn new skills in Golang, frameworks like react and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.” Akshay Basavalingaiah, Software Engineer Intern, University of Texas at Arlington

“My goal is to acquire all the knowledge which is needed to become a network engineer at Extreme!” – Anupama Hegde, Intern, University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering

“I’m hoping to learn more about networking, APIs, testing using Golang, and Docker while at Extreme!” - Thanu Shree, Software Intern, University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering

“I am hoping to learn more about the tools used in modern marketing operations as well as gain a better understanding of working with ecosystem partners.” – Alexander Sayler-Tait, Consultant Relations Intern, University of British Columbia

“I hope to get experience in the engineering field to better equip me for life after college.” – Alec Bondi, Engineering Intern, North Carolina State University

Extreme is excited to be working with such talented students this summer, and our interns are just as excited to be here! Read what our interns are most excited for:

“I'm excited to work in a professional setting and use the skills I've acquired at school in practical ways! I'm also excited to work with the marketing team and contribute in ways that can help the company grow.” – Lauryn Leong, Industry Marketing Intern, UCLA

“I’m excited to work with big partners such as the MLB and NFL, as I am a big sports fan!” – Makenna Segal, Marketing Operations Intern, University of Mississippi

“I am excited to learn a new aspect of marketing while meeting and collaborating with new people!” – Ally Bhatia, Marketing Automation Intern, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

“I'm excited about writing network scripts to make the process of setting up equipment in the GTAC lab easier.” – Vinni Horstkotte, Network Support Intern, Southern New Hampshire University

“I have been aspiring to work in the analytics field, so I’m looking forward to exploring how data analytics works with real-world data under marketing context.” – Yukyung Cha, Marketing Operations Business Analyst Intern, University of Texas at Dallas

This summer is going to be filled with learning, advancement, and networking!  We are super excited to have our interns on board and can’t wait to see what they accomplish this year!

Learn more about Extreme's world-class internship program and explore why there has never been a better time to be at Extreme.

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