At Extreme, you can advance your career, build new skillsets, and develop deep and meaningful relationships.


As an Extreme intern, you will work on meaningful assignments, gain impactful experience, learn and grow in your field, and engage with a community of peer interns and talented employees across the company. At the conclusion of your assignment, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work and contributions to the team.

Executive Speaker Series

Interns will have the opportunity to hear from and have discussions with senior leaders from across the company as they discuss their roles, priorities, and perspectives on growing your career. This series helps provide attendees with a better understanding of how our teams work together to win, and how you can maximize your impact at Extreme.

Showcase Events

Interns will be provided forums to share insights about you, your work and contributions, as well as feedback on how to continually improve the intern program.

Extreme Academy has one purpose in mind – to help educate and inspire the next generation of technologists and prepare them for the workplace. Extreme Academy offers a range of courses designed to help students gain current and future networking skills, understand network design, and integrated security. Advanced topics include data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Through Extreme Academy, we are providing the opportunity for anyone to gain multiple qualifications, awarding you with Extreme Networks Associate (XNA) certificate.
Join Extreme Academy Live. These global live streamed classes are available free of charge and lead to an industry certification which will help you stand out from the crowd as you develop your career.